Yes, you CAN: Enjoying the Holidays

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We are officially in the Holiday season – Thanksgiving is already here, Christmas will be here before you know it, and then we will finish the year off with New Years. During the holidays it is easy and typical to get off track. In the realm of fitness it is easy to have a restrictive mindset. We tend to think of all the things we CAN’T do to; such as I can’t eat this food or drink this or go out and do this event.  During the Holidays, we tend to become more restrictive as there are often more opportunities to get off track. It is ok to enjoy the Holiday season and all the food that comes with it without feeling guilty, and, as well, there are ways to stay on track if you are making that last push to achieve an end of the year goal.

The Holiday season is a special time that you only get to experience once per year, and if you are intensely pursuing a fitness goal, with a little extra brainstorming, you can make the most of enjoying the festivities while still making progress toward your goal. If you’re going out of town but not wanting to hit ‘pause’ on your workouts, you can look up gyms in the area, or do at home/bodyweight workouts. Your Force coaches are always willing to give recommendations or at home workouts.

You will most likely be eating much more food than you normally do, and that is okay as the Holidays are also a deviation from normal. Remember, though – you are in control of your plate. How do you want to feel, and where are your priorities? Use your answers to decide how much you eat and what you eat. No standard exists for how you “should” eat around the holiday season.

This is a special time of year and a great opportunity to enjoy yourself – so do that in whatever capacity that is. If you want to stay on track and finish the year the way you want to then you can do that, if you want to eat and drink a little extra you can do that too. It is possible to enjoy the holidays and stay on track or continue right back on the tracks you were on.

— Coach Isaac

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