You can be tired. But refuse to act like it.

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This past weekend I was at a Perform Better conference in Orlando, Florida. Perform Better has been putting on conferences for many years, doing their best to leave the fitness industry in a better place than they found out. One of the speakers I had the opportunity to learn from was Martin Rooney. He has been in the industry for over 25 years, and has had many successes as well as failures. The big topic he covered was the importance of creating a culture, and this culture begins with the individual.

I’ve always been a huge reader of creating a culture, like I have written about in a past blog post, but this time, my takeaway was something different. He hit upon a point that really stuck out to me. He said he had a mentor who told him you can be tired, but refuse to act like it. This hit me square between the eyes, because they are times when I allow my emotions to control my motions. His point gave me something to focus on and work on heading into this week, and luckily the opportunity was given to me right away.

On Sunday the flight back was delayed, so I ended up spending ten hours at the Orlando airport, flying out at 8:15pm and returning to Bloomington at 12:15am. The next morning I would coach starting at 7:30. It’s funny how when you’re seeking opportunities to get better they often just pop up in front of you. This past Monday I was tired, but I did everything in my power not to show it. I especially didn’t want people to see the energy drink it took to keep me going.

Just remember: don’t let your emotions dictate your motions, and go win the day.

— Coach Bram

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