Your Program is More than a Whiteboard

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Your Program is More than a Whiteboard

Creating a program for our clients is more than a whiteboard, more than a bunch of movements and more than something designed to get you sweaty and sore.

From the moment you come into Force we are working behind the scenes to create the ideal training program for that you. A program is all of the movements, in the right dose, as part of a plan for you to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. It is not a workout, a program is much, much more

The easiest thing in the world is to write the “hardest workout in the world,” all a coach has to do is choose a lot of reps of a lot of things and tell you to do it quickly, or pick the same body part over and over and do a lot of reps. That’s not a program, that’s a workout.

Your program at Force starts with the Success Session. During this time we want to know about your goals, what you have done before to achieve them, and where you are starting. We want to help you choose a goal that is slightly risky, so it excites you, and help you make a timeline by which you can and will achieve your goal.

We also use an Assessment to determine what movements are appropriate for you, and how we can make you move better or feel better. This assessment has been done on 1000’s of individuals in the gym. In fact, we’ve developed our own proprietary assessment protocol to dig further than any gym I have ever seen (and I’ve visited 100’s), from this info we can know how to make you faster, stronger, healthier and/or pain-free.

The info from those two pieces go into the Program Design phase, where the best coach for your needs in the gym writes a program individualized for you. In this phase we use data from our 1000’s of clients to select the proper exercise order, exercise variations, and dosage to meet your goal. Things like age, training experience, your assessment results, and goals are at the top of mind when we write your program.

Our goal with this is to find the minimal effective dose within this program that can make you achieve your goal. While it may solve the problem to throw two+ hour long workouts at you, this high of a dosing will have negative side effects on your progress down the road.

Each session with a coach, we take the results of that session into account to make Program Modifications. Modifications could be made based on your daily feel e.g. too tight, sore, stressed etc, or on your results e.g. you smashed your goblet squats up to our heaviest weight we have on kettlebells.

At the conclusion of each four week block, we make Progressions to your program. Any progression made should make a slight increase on the demand to your body so that you continue to receive a training effect. This can come in the form of a variation to an exercise e.g. front squat to back squat or as simple as, decreased or increased repetitions to increase the total weight you lift.

Every 8-12 weeks you will receive a complete Re-Assessment. For athletes this means retesting important measures like sprinting, vertical jump, and more. For adult clients this means checking in on the progress toward your goal e.g body composition, weight loss, fitness based habit building.

Our programs are much, much more than a whiteboard and groups of exercises. Our aim, my aim, with every client is to write the perfect program for you to succeed beyond what you even thought was possible.

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If you’re a client currently, let us know how we can help you even more: by helping you set and achieve bigger goals, or by dialing in your nutrition with our newly launched nutrition coaching program. If you’re not a client, please come visit us and let us put the power of our programs behind you! CONTACT US

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